Unfinished People Resting in the Finished Work of Christ

Making Disciples for the Glory of God and the Good of Nashville

At South City Church, we are:

  • A young church that stands on the historic practice of the Christian Church.
  • Gospel-driven and Christ-centered.
  • Motivated by the good news of what Jesus Christ has done on our behalf in providing salvation through his life, death, burial, and resurrection.

This Sunday

Service time: 10:30 am
Location: Rose Park Middle School
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Scripturally led. Community engaged.

We believe the Church is the vehicle by which the love of Jesus is shown to the world. We are the embodied witness of Jesus Christ to the world. Our lives should look different. Our priorities should be shifted.

So what does this look like? It looks like love of neighbor.

As the Church, we believe the Bible has written a beautiful story of redemption. We believe it's a story that invites a radical, selfless love of friends, family, neighbor, and city.